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Do gut bacteria rule our minds?
It sounds like science fiction, but it seems that bacteria within us — which outnumber our own cells about 100-fold — may very well be affecting both our cravings and moods to get us to eat what they want, and often are driving us toward obesity.
In an article published this week in the journal BioEssays, researchers from UC San Francisco, Arizona State University and University of New Mexico concluded from a review of the recent scientific literature that microbes influence human eating behavior and dietary choices to favor consumption of the particular nutrients they grow best on, rather than simply passively living off whatever nutrients we choose to send their way.
Bacterial species vary in the nutrients they need. Some prefer fat, and others sugar, for instance. But they not only vie with each other for food and to retain a niche within their ecosystem — our digestive tracts — they also often have different aims than we do when it comes to our own actions
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Xiao Wen Ju for iD’s A-Z guide to Beauty

When Baks the dog was left blind after an accident, his friend Buttons became his seeing-eye-goose by hanging on to him with her neck and honking to direct him. Source

Red stripes.

bunny girl started out as silly doodles but then I fell in love

My boyfriend said that eyes look lizard like sometimes but they haven’t been doing the lizardy thing lately.
Can lizard eyes just be my cute petname thing please

I grind my teeth which sucks, but I look real cute in my night guard


If you’re in college right now

Check the syllabus for each one of your classes right now while you bullshittin

Don’t fall behind this early in the semester off some bullshit


I look cute right now my camera just doesn’t understand